Can I get a visa for my fiancé?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2021 | Family Immigration

If you are planning to marry someone in the U.S. who does not yet have the right to live in the U.S., you need a legal way to get them in the country. If you are engaged to be married, you can apply for a K1 visa, also known as a fiancé visa.

Whether your application is successful will ultimately come down to the immigration authority to decide. You can, however, increase the likelihood of a positive outcome by ensuring you complete the necessary steps. 

Simple errors could lead to a K-1 visa application rejection

Here are a few things to consider to increase your chances of getting the K-1 visa for your fiancé:

  1. Make sure you are eligible to marry: Once your fiance lands in the U.S., you only have 90 days to wed. Otherwise, they will lose their right to stay. So, if there is any paperwork that still needs completing related to a previous divorce, make sure you complete it before applying.
  2. Show proof of your relationship: Do not assume the authorities will believe your relationship is as you say. They want to see the evidence. Those handwritten love poems you wrote may help your case, as will any photos. If you lived together overseas, documents featuring both your names could also help.
  3. Show financial proof: Whether you are sponsoring your fiance, they are supporting themself, or a combination of the two, you need to show they will not be a burden on the state. Bank statements, stock certificates, wage slips, and other financial documentation are crucial to proving your funds.

Remember, many people apply for visas each year, so any error could cause the authorities to reject your application. Get the help you need to understand the process so that you can avoid unnecessary delays.