Can you help your sibling relocate to the United States?

| Sep 22, 2021 | Family Immigration

Moving to a new country gives you many opportunities but can cut you off from the people who matter the most to you. All the success in the world may feel hollow if the people that you love aren’t there for you to share it all with. 

If you have family living abroad and you live in the United States, reuniting may require significant effort. Your legal residence puts you in a better position than others to help people legally enter the country. Can you potentially help your brother or your sister live in the United States?

Only citizens can help their siblings immigrate

There are multiple different forms of family immigration that help people with different relationships. Those entering the country on a visa for work or school might be able to bring a spouse or minor children with them. Those who have green cards could potentially bring over family members, such as their parents and their children. 

However, there is really only one option for helping a sibling enter the country. It involves the family preference visa program, and the category that applies to siblings is only available to citizens. If you have become a naturalized citizen of the United States or are a born citizen, you may help a sibling apply for a family preference visa. 

However, their preference category falls at the very bottom of the hierarchy, meaning you may have to apply multiple times for your efforts to achieve anything. Learning about different family-based immigration options can help you reconnect with the people who enrich your life.