Stats show that immigration is on the rise again

| Aug 25, 2021 | Family Immigration

Some of the latest immigration statistics show the trends happening around the world. There was a significant increase in immigration here in the U.S. in 2019, but there was a notable decline last year. 

The most recent statistics show that immigration has increased dramatically since last year. Recent numbers show that immigration has surpassed what we saw in 2019. Therefore, last year’s decline seems to have been nothing more than a blip in the timeline rather than an indicator of things to come. 

How does this increase in U.S. immigration rates impact families?

It’s safe to say that many immigrant families wanted to come to the U.S. last year but could not do so. This year’s increase in immigration rates may be attributable to a backlog of immigrants waiting to get into the country. 

The uptick in immigration this year could also mean that there are immigrants already living in the U.S. who have finally been able to bring spouses, children and other family members over to join them. This is another process that could have experienced delays. There may even be another jump in immigration this year as more families are reunited. 

Are you seeking to bring your family back together in the U.S.?

It’s a terrific thing when a family that has long been separated can come together in their new country. If you and your loved ones are at any stage in this process in 2021, you must know all of the proper legal steps to take to make things go smoothly.