Helping My Clients Move Beyond Legal Concerns Is My Mission

At Jason Karavias, Esq., Attorney at Law, the focus is upon family immigration, and helping individuals facing difficult financial circumstances find relief. When working with you, I provide personalized representation and try to answer all of your questions. Whether it is obtaining a green card or U.S. citizenship, or helping free you from debt, the mission of my firm is to help you achieve your goals.

The Types Of Legal Services I Provide

As an attorney with more than a decade of experience in the area of immigration, I offer the following legal services:

I am also an experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer who understands what you are facing, and I can efficiently lead you through the bankruptcy process. I offer the following Chapter 7 bankruptcy information for your reference:

Placing Your Needs First

Whether I am guiding you through family immigration matters or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, I provide every client with personal service. I am dedicated to answering your questions, keeping a high level of communication with you and obtaining the most effective results for your unique legal needs.

People of all ages, careers and income levels can end up in difficult financial situations for many different reasons. If you are thinking about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, chances are, this is the last method for debt relief you have considered.

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To discuss your legal needs with me in a free, no-obligation consultation, call my Pennsylvania law office at 412-223-7924, or contact me online.

My firm is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.